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Release notes CDF600 EtherCat

Release Notes CDF600-0300
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CDF600 EtherCAT

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General information

To update a CDF EtherCAT you have to use Packageloader V2.7 (see attachments). The update is done via Serial Aux (M8 Port) at the CDF600-03. See attached Application Note on how to update the CDF600-0300. An update via SOPAS ET or higher version of the Packageload is not possible!
The date given at the table indicates the date of publication and not the date of introducing new software.


Software Versions


Firmware Version Release Date Firmware Package Keyfile Comments
V1.20 21.01.2016 FWP V1.20 CDF600_Key
  • Use address switches for device identification - EtherCAT Station Alias
V1.30 09.09.2019 FWP V1.30 CDF600_Key
  • Increase time out for save permanent feature
  • Allow bus communication if sensor is lost in proxy mode
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