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Things to Consider for MPB10 (Multi Physics Box) Mounting

Things to consider for MPB10 mounting
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Things to consider for MPB10 (Multi Physics Box) mounting

  • Detailed information, you can find in the MPB10s operating instruction in chapter 6 - Mounting 
  • For single bearing analysis, mount the sensor as close as possible to the bearing,
    for whole motor analysis mount the sensor in the middle between the 2 motor bearings,
  • Remove the paint underneath the mounting plate to obtain a smooth and firm connection,
  • Do not mount the MPB10 on the motor cooling ribs, cooling fan cover or other non-solid parts,
  • Consider and document the MPB10 axis orientation and location to prevent data mix up,
  • Same MPB10 mounting position and orientation over front and back bearing and from motor to motor for easier comparison,
  • Avoid pulling on the sensor cable to prevent mechanical damage.
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