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GLS100L - how to change angle format in degrees

How to change scaling from radian to degree
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The GLS100L is a sensor for grid localization or lane guidance, mostly installed in AGVs.
The output of the current angle is available in the process data for curve control.

The default format of angle output is radian.
Here I want to show how to change the angle output from radian to degree by changing the scaling factor.

Internally the scaling range is based on a 15 Bit resolution 2^15 = 32767 increments for the 360° circle.

To change the format from radian to degree we can do that calculation:

32767 x Pi/180 = 571,892036

  • open SOPAS, go to "Enhanced Sensing"
  • change "Output Scaling Angle Format" from 10.460 to 571,892036
  • result: now the angle output is changed to degree in 0,1 steps (degree with one decimal point)

Find here an example with CanOpen

I used the PCAN-View software (freeware) to show the raw format of process data (PDO).

The 5. and 6. Byte of TPDO2 represents the angle:

The angles raw value is 0xFFF0 (from right to left)

In our example we have a signed integer to get a +/- 180° range.

Final result in decimal:

0xFFF0 = -16/10 = -1,6°

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