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The easy way of how to detect a defective tank stirrer or a broken belt on e.g. a compressor by the Condition-Monitoring-Sensor Multi Physics Box MPB10 via switching output.

The easy way of how to detect eg. a defective tank stirrer or broken belt by the Condition-Monitoring-Sensor Multi Physics Box MPB10 via switching output.
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In general the Condition-Monitoring-Sensor Multi Physics Box MPB10 is made to detect if a vibration, shock or temperature value which is above the adjusted threshold.
In this application we have to detect if the clutch or the stirrer itself of a tank stirrer is defective and the tank content isn't stirred correctly anymore.
The same behaviour you can face if you try to detect if the belt of a belt driven machine e.g. compressor is broken.
In both cases we have higher vibration values in the good condition than in the failure state, which should be detected, so vice versa than in the MPB10 standard use case.
In this application the customer wants only a switching output from the MPB10 to process it further in his already existing machine.

What we need:

To solve this task we need:
a MPB10
a fan with 2 speed stages to simulate the good and the bad condition of the stirrer

MPB10 set up:

First we connect the MPB10 via Silink2Master to SOPAS ET and open the MPB10 device window.
Then we go to the "General Device Settings" tab and set the:

  • "Alert delay time" to 1000 ms to prevent short alert impulses shorter than 1000 ms
  • "Automatic alert reset time" to 2000 ms to reset the alert automatically after 2000 ms if the corresponding alert condition is no longer fulfilled


If the vibration is strong enough we can go to the "Vibration", "Settings" tab and enable the "Activity detection", for our small office fan example that's not needed:


Than we switch the Fan to the fast speed and have a look on the "Vibration", "Time Domain" tab.
There we click the "reset min./max. values since last reset" Button. 
By mouse over on the A-RMS Magnitude graph we can see the live, min and max values:


After a few minutes at the fan high speed we choose a suitable "Min. limit" value that is below the "Min since last reset" value, in our example we choose 0.04g.

Now we get an alert if the A-RMS value falls below the adjusted threshold of 0.04g, 

To activate the switching output with this alert we have to follow the next steps.
We have to got to the home tab, klick on "process data user definition", go to "Bit 6" and choose, alert>group alert>Vibration time domain:

Than we go to "General Device Settings", "Pin 2 Configuration and choose "Diagnostic Alert 1":

Now the switching output gets active as long a Vibration Time Domain alert in our case only the " A-RMS min Alert is active.
With this MPB10 output the customer can activate a warning light, horn or alarm message. 

mpb10 switching output, broken belt, defective stirrer