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FAQ: How to use the SICK Support Portal

Collection of frequent questions & its answers

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

You want to know how to use the SICK Support Portal the best way? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Can I write a request in my language, instead of English?

SICK has teams of technical experts in all major countries. Therefore, support will be provided locally, by teams that are typically in your country

What does that mean when you open a support request? That it is absolutely ok to write it in your local language. This is probably the simpler way - both for you and for us providing support..

How can I attach configurations, log files and images?

A large variety of files can be attached to your request, either when creating the request or later on. We support file selection as well as drag & drop, both for a single file or a number of files.


For performance reasons there's a limit of 50 MB per request. This should be sufficient for most case. There are options to process larger uploads; your supporter will advise you if there's a need to do so.

How can I store a knowledge articles for later?

Some knowledge articles will probably be relevant later, e.g. a tutorial on how to configure a sensor in a specific context. 

The simplest way is to save the URL in your browser's bookmarks.


If there's a need to have the article in offline mode, consider the option "Print to pdf" and store the file locally.

The pdf document comes has all the links in a clickable format, while embedded videos will have the link within the preview picture, so that the videos can be opened from within the pdf. 


When working with locally stored knowledge articles, keep in mind that there might be a newer version online. To access it, simply click on the footer of the article to access the latest version.

How can I see old requests?

In some cases, you may want to check older requests e.g. if you have a question similar to one that was answered some time ago. To do so, 

  • click on "View all requests"
  • select the status, e.g. "Resolved" to see the closed requests
  • click on "Created on" to filter for a time interval, e.g. "Last 3 Months"
  • click on "Apply Filter"

if you have a question related to a closed request, please create a new request and mention the number of the closed request. 


Requests at SICK always have this format


where yyyymmdd is the day the request was created and n is a number.

Can I see requests of my co-workers?

Data protection is important to us at SICK. Therefore, we don't share customer's requests to all users from your company by default.


This means

  • All accounts via SICK ID are personal accounts, which should not be shared to others
  • It is possible to share a request with your co-workers (feature in development)
  • A company can define key users, which are entitled to view all their requests. Please contact your SICK sales representative to get this defined for your company.
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