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Detecting bottles with the IRF2000 and a infrared sensor

How to detect a bottle with a IRF2000 foil
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Experimental setup:

We use the sensor WL12G-3P2582S04 (comparable sensor for detection of transparent objects should show comparable results) and the new reflex foil IRF2000. The structure of the foil is nearly like the structure of the AC1000, so the foil is perfect for transparent object detection.
As objects we use 3 different glass bottles, with different sizes different shapes and different colors.
The foil is fixed at a shine metal background.
As teach mode we use always Mode 2 with 18%.

The first object is a transparent white glass bottle. We detect at different points, at the top of the bottle, at the bottom of the bottle and in the middle of the bottom. Distance between Sensor and reflector is 900mm and distance between sensor and bottle is 200mm and 400mm.

At the top



At the middle



At the bottom

The result from the first test is that the detection at different positions at a white transparent bottle and the new foil IRF2000 is reliable, no fail triggers at the output.

The second test we have done with a transparent green bottle also with the same positions like the white bottle before. (Only one picture because of the length of the document)


At the top

The second test was with a green transparent bottle at a distance of 900mm. Here also different positions and a reliable detection without any fail triggers.

And the third test is with a transparent white glass bottle, it’s a very tricky one, the glass is very thin.
The distance sensor to reflector foil is also 900mm and distance between sensor and bottle 200mm and 400mm. Here is only one detection point (in the middle), because the bottle is very small.


At the middle

The result is also very stable detection with no fail trigger during the test.

We make also some tests with no object in the light spot, with vibration and moving the sensor. The signal was stable.

But never the less, for reliable and save detection, a teach after each position change of the sensor is mandatory.

Result: The detection with this foil IRF2000 is pretty good. No fail switches during the tests.

reflex foil, detecting bottles, irf2000, transparent object detection