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This article provides information about the new Support Portal and explains how the transition from the old to the new Support Portal is handled.

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In line with our commitment to provide you comprehensive support for our entire product range, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Support Portal. This new Portal is now available for use. 

Please be advised that the new Support Portal does not contain all knowledge articles yet. Consequently, the "old" Support Portal will remain available for the time being.

Find below a brief overview of the new Support Portal, including instructions on how to access it and how the transition will be managed.

Main benefits of the new Support Portal

With the new Support Portal, you can expect the same high-quality technical support from our experts as before. Similar key features are provided as shown below.

The new Support Portal also offers additional benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Support Platform: The new SICK Support Portal will allow you to submit and manage requests across the entire SICK product portfolio. 

  • One login for all your Digital SICK Services: With your personal SICK-ID, you will have access to our new Support Portal and many other SICK Services such as the AssetHub, our Webshop and many other Digital Services.

The launch of the new Support Portal with these features and benefits is just the first step. Further improvements will enhance your user experience in future. 

Support Portal access

You can access the SICK Support Portal via your personal SICK-ID.

When already fully registered, you are able to use the Support Portal right away.

When you are not fully registered yet. you can register yourself via


More information can be found here: Support Portal Registration

Transition period

We understand the importance of a seamless transition and are here to support you every step of the way. Therefore there will be a transition period where both Support Portals can be used in parallel. The transition will look like following;

  1. Access to the new Support Portal Beginning of June you will receive an email with the URL of the new Support Portal and how to get access.
  2. Create new tickets: Beginning of June, you can create new tickets via the new Support Portal. Nevertheless, tickets can still be created on the old Portal until beginning of August. After August, new tickets can only be created in our new Support Portal.

  3. Knowledge Articles: Also in our new Support Portal, you can find answers to your questions via knowledge articles. Many knowledge articles are already available in the new Support Portal. Because we are in the transition phase, not all existing knowledge articles are available in the new Portal yet. You still have access to the old Support Portal to find all knowledge articles until end of November. 

  4. Access to old Support Portal: Until end of November, you are still able to access the Support Portal to close all open tickets, to see the complete ticket history and to find knowledge articles. Important is, that after August, you will only be able to create new tickets on our new Support Portal. 
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