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Ultrasonic guidance accessory (SonicTube)

Ultrasonic guidance accessory (SonicTube)
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Ultrasonic guidance accessories can reduce the ultrasonic cone size and bridge the blind zone of the sensor up to the beginning of the measuring range. This allows the sensor to reliably measure and detect through openings with small diameter, as e.g. medical test tubes or vials. Furthermore machine throughput can be increased since the cone width decreases so that necessary gaps to differentiate between two objects can be reduced as well.

SonicTube UC4

For the product family UC4 there is the accessory SonicTube UC4 (5329249) available, which is suitable for the entire UC4 family. The mounting of the accessory is very easy since it just has to be pressed on the device, as indicated in the picture. Nevertheless it has a strong hold and can be mounted several times without becoming loose.




All the other ultrasonic product families

Below you can find an explanation of how to build a tube as guidance system on your own. For the best application result, please be aware of the following points:

- The tube diameter has to be wider than the transducer diameter

- At the best you put it over the front part of the sensor (ideal for metric sensors)

- Depending on the application, it may also be necessary to leave a little space between both parts so that the air can flow out to avoid high pressure if e.g. a liquid level increases

- The tube has to be made out of one piece (no welding seams e.g.)

- The tube has to have a perfectly plane inner surface (it doesn't matter which material is used) to avoid unintended reflections

- At the best the tube should be cut in a 45° angle at the end (not necessary, but results are slightly better)

- The cutting edge has to be free of burrs to avoid unintended reflections

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