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Support Portal Registration

This article describes how to register on the Support Portal via SICK ID. See a step-by-step guide how to register, what to be aware of and where you can look up more information.

Table of Contents

Benefits SICK-ID registration

One registration for multiple digital services. With you SICK ID you can use the Support Portal but also a numerous of other digital services. More information can be found here: My SICK: Your Benefits

Where to register

Navigate to the user icon () and click "Register". You will be routed to the registration page on If possible please fill out all fields so that we can provide you the best possible service. Fields marked with an "star" are mandatory fields. Please choose your business email address and a secure password and submit the registration request. SICK offers products and services for businesses only, therefore some mail providers for consumers (e.g. Gmail) are not accepted.

Confirming registration

After the registration you receive an email. Please confirm the registration by clicking on the link in the email. 

Particularities registration

Complete registration by login at

To complete the registration process, please navigate to and login once using the email address you chose for registration.

This is a mandatory step, which has to be done after the email is confirmed.

Duration to finalize the registration

It takes up to 2 working days for us to finalize your registration. After we have sent you a confirmation, you can use the SICK Support Portal

Problems with registration or Support Portal login

When you have problems during the registration process or if you are already registered and cannot log in, please contact us via using the contact form.


We will soon be improving our registration process to make it more convenient for you and your colleagues. We will keep you informed about this.

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